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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Best and Worst of Street Fighter Cosplay

Collection of some the best and worst Street Fighter cosplay is here for your cosplay pleasure. Maybe the worst arent that bad.. but its the comparison that makes them look BAD!!

Good Chun Li

Bad Chun Li

Good Dhaslim

Bad Dhalsim

Good Ryu

Bad Ryu

Good Ken

Bad Ken

Good M. Bison

Bad M. Bison

Good Zangief

Bad Zangief

Good Sakura

Bad Sakura

Good Guile

Bad Guile

Good Cammy

Bad Cammy

Good Blanka

Bad Blanka

Good E. Honda

Bad E. Honda

Good Sagat

Bad Sagat

Good Vega

Bad Vega

Good Akuma

Bad Akuma

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