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Friday, September 24, 2010

45 Fairy Tale Houses in Real World

Fantasy House
Many of you in childhood reading fairy tales has imagined how cool would be to live in a fairy tales house or palace. Watching the cartoons you see how fantastic and beautiful are fairy tales houses designs. But fairy tales houses may be found not only in fairy tales, but also in real life. Inspired by fairy tales people build interesting houses for themselves and reproducing some of their favorite fairy tales or cartoons like The Simpsons or Alice in Wonderland. While living in a house like that, you can forgot about some of casual problems and feel like a fairytale character. In this post, you will find more than 45 very interesting and fabulous house designs that are inspired from fairy tales.

Bavarian Cottage Model

Fantasy House


Brightons Fairy Tale House

Fantasy Inn

Alice in Wonderland House

Tujunga Fantasy House

Goofy's Gingerbread House

Beautifully Creepy

Gingerbread House - Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Hansel - The Doll House

Disneyland Paris - El Cazador de bancos - Bench Hunter

Winter and a Fairy-tale

A little fairy tale house

Disneyland Paris - Toilettes

House in the Woods

Fairy Tale

Park Guell

Children's Fairyland Entrance - Oakland

Gingerbread Castle

Fairy Tale, Red


Efteling 2

The Pink House

Dream House

William H. James House - 1941

Hansel and Gretel

House in Hansel and Gretel

My Dream House

Fairy Tale House

Fairy Tale House

The Simpsons House

No Fairytale

Shoe House

Old Enchanted Forest Abandoned Candy House


Cornwall Cottage

Fairytale, Grey

Creative, Colorful and Curved Spiral Shell House Design

Nice Little House in Wood of Fairy Tales

Fairytale House

Phantom manor

Fairy Tales House

Fairy Tales House

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